How Do I Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back?

How Do I ?

Believe it or not, a breakthrough is actually closer than most women ever realize. The problem, though, is that most ladies go about it all wrong. Professing your unrelenting love? That’s not going to work. Calling, begging and pleading? That will probably just annoy him and drive him even further away.

So what’s the secret?

Quite simply: You’ve got to start thinking like a man!

Believe it or not, men are very complex creatures who look at the world in a much different way than women. But if you can set aside your own perspectives and learn to see life through a man’s eyes and brain, you can literally make him come begging back to you.

The trick is to learn how to push the emotional buttons that will make men do anything you want. As a wise general once said, “If you can provide an opponent with the right set of circumstances, he will advance exactly as you planned, all while thinking it was his idea.”

Imagine the man you’ve been trying to win back calling you up and begging you to get back together! I know how preposterous that sounds, but once you dig into the male mind and learn what makes it tick (and of course, how to manipulate it), he will literally be a puppet in your hands.

I know this is easier said than done, so let me give you a few tips to get you started.

Don’t Look Desperate

Men are attracted to confidence, and a desperate woman is the exact opposite of a confident woman. And trust me, men can easily spot the difference between a genuinely confident woman and someone simply trying to act the part. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but if you really want a man, you’ve got to make it look like you could care less. Call it “head games” if you will, but it’s the absolute truth.

How Do I Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back?

How Do I Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back?

The Path To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Nose

Science has shown that scent plays a large role in what men consider attractive. And strangely enough, this is largely subconscious. Most guys don’t have the faintest clue that their nose is actually guiding their brain – and that’s to your advantage, because he’ll never see your “smell tactics” as dirty pool because, well, he won’t even realize you’re doing it. Next time you “conveniently” cross paths, make sure he gets a whiff of you – preferably while you’re wearing his favorite perfume.

A New Girlfriend Doesn’t Mean You’re Through

Unlike women, men are less likely to turn down something they really want just because they have something else. That doesn’t make them cheaters or players, as most men are ethical and will call it off with the current flame to go after their new heart’s desire. The trick, of course, is to strategically position yourself as that “heart’s desire.” Just because you’ve already dated doesn’t mean you can’t be a new flame.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Research has shown that the longer a man and woman are apart, the less likely they’ll get back together. It’s just simple statistics – so don’t become just another number. Regardless of if you’ve been broken up for a few hours or a few months, don’t waste another precious second.

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  1. He was just using me all along.

    I already decided what guy should I look for ..

  2. Every time I’m around my ex he always flirts with other girls when he knows im there, two of my best friends have all their lessons with him, they say he never does it when I’m not around. He takes pictures and makes videos and tells me what he does when I’m not around, but he always has his arm around another girl, or compliments them when I’m there and makes flirting videos when I’m not there. He’s best-friends with two of my other exs and they’re all spreading stuff about that is a bunch of stuff I used to do or is a bunch of lies. Half of my friends say I should ignore it and just move on because he obvious don’t want me if he is always trying to hurt me. He has a go at me all the time and makes out everything I do is always wrong if it’s not what he wants. He always trys and avoids people talking about me but he is always slagging me off himself. He blames me for us always fighting and has moods with me where one minute he wants to spend every second with me, sometimes we end up getting off if he wants it… I love him… he says he loves me. But other days he can be so harsh. Like calling me and emo, w.hore, s.l.a.g, s.k.e.t… he calls me beautiful then tells me he wished we never dated. I don’t know what to do. If me and him start getting off he sometimes starts doing sex movements, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. Even though we’re not dating I feel like sex is the only way I can get him back. He tells me to bring a condom when I’m ready which is usually the day before he does the sex moves even though were not dating and then plans to see me the next day even if it means blowing off his friends. He sometimes acts like he loves me but other days he tells me to f.u.c.k off and leave him alone. I beg him to forgive me and try and prove how much I love him but he sometimes ends up chucking me out of his house or threatening me with getting a new girlfriend, deleting me, reporting me or spreading stuff about me. I’m so confused, my friends say I’m better off without him and my best mate tried to convince him to tell me but he ended up telling me he loved me. My bestest friend has the same problem with her boyfriend, can anyone help ?

  3. everydayGuitarist says:

    He broke up with me 2 months ago, I still love him very much and can’t get over him. He still contacts me saying he misses me and thinks about me but I don’t think he wants to date me anymore. I really want to be with him, but he is my first boyfriend and I dont know how to act. I did a mistake and acted desperate and clingy by trying to get back with him and that pushed him even more away. I am in NC with him right now but he still tries to contact me to check up on me. I feel like he moved on and is dating someone else.

    I was just wondering if there is any way how can I make him regret leaving me and wanting me back? And why does he still talk to me if when I asked to get back together he said no.
    Men’s advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. rashest_hippo says:

    I want him beggin at my feet to take him back….I want to make him jealous….we broke up a time ago and ever since then I miss him like crazy, but I don’t want him to kno I want him back, I want him to realize I can do better without him but truth is I want him!!./…helppp

  5. I just want to make my ex-boyfriend feel bad and prove to him that I don’t need a guy like him. I also want him to look at me way better than his ugly ass girlfriend right now. Please all the experts out there help me. Tell me what I should say and do, ASAP…

  6. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Okay so my ex broke up with 5 months ago and now wants me back, and i want him back but i dont want him to think he can just have me back just like that. i want him to work for it, Im just not sure how to do that! Help Please!!!!!!

  7. Sir fliesalot says:

    Me and my ex just broke up about a week ago because its summer, and he has alot to do and never has time to see me. but he wants to get back together when the school year starts. does this mean he still likes me? and he still talks to me like we’re going out and says I love you and stuff. it makes me mad because i still like him. its like hes getting what he wants without the title. i told him im not gonna wait around for him. but i dont like any other guys right now. i dont know what to do about this. Help Please!!!! guys what do you think a guy means when he says that and what would make you want her back? girls what would you do if u were in this situation?

  8. My ex boyfriend broke up with me and I wanted to know, how do I get him to want me so bad.

  9. We broke up 2 days ago,because apparently he didn’t like me anymore.I don’t want to go back out with him,I just want him to realize he made a big mistake.I want him to know how it feels to like someone who doesn’t like you back.Hope to heaqr from you soon!
    Sorry about that,apparently I didn’t make myself very clear.Im’ not trying to be mean to him or anything even remotely close to that.I just want to make him think about why we broke up,and why he just stopped liking me…..And if you aren’t going to give me a real answer,then don’t answer at all.

  10. I loved this boy alot.Now me and my best friend are beefin and I want my boy friend back.When he see me in school he dont even look my way sometimes.My best friend tries to do stuff to make me mad by hugging up or kissing on him.

  11. Jack Bauer says:

    I broke up with my bf a week ago, and it still stings like crazy. He was like my sun, the centre of my universe, my light. To me, he was perfect. But of course, he chewed up my heart, crapped it out and gave it back. Now I hate him.

    So I’m gunna make him jealous. How do I do that? … a big group of us are going into town and hopefully he is coming too, so I want to make him realise how much he misses me and beg me back (okay, probably not going to happen but it’s still worth a try!)

    What should I wear? How should I act? Should I ignore him or not? Should I be bubbly and chatty or should I be aloof and “zen”? How much make-up should I wear? HELP!?!

    PS: I’m 14-years-old and so is he, so I don’t wanna dress like a tart. (He doesn’t like that anyway)
    Also should I straighten my hair? I think that guys like straight blong hair but i don’y wanna look like I’ve tried to look nice so should i leave it windswept and wavy? Or should I just tie it into a ponytail or hairbun? Or would I look to conservative? Wait… is it good to look conservative? Aghh, so confussed!!!
    *Blond, sorry
    Okay, seriously guys, I DESERVE revenge, i’ve been crying all week!
    (if you wanna know, see previous question for details:;_ylt=AqD6ul34o.mOCAPXPF4hGc8gBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20081123061700AA6Uurc)

  12. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    My boyfriend just broke up with me and we live together. I want to make him realize he just lost something great what should i do? make him jealous or what im not sure but i want him to come back. So i need him to realize damn why did i break up with her.

  13. i was with him for 1 year and 3 months and i made a mistake and i really regret it and i have tryed so hard. we been broken up for a month now and this pst month has been the worst of my life i cry every day i rarley eat i love him so much i made one misttake i have even changed i dont go any wheres any mre but he jst thanks im a whore but im not i made one mistake i really need him back i have explained how i feel about it and he says he does not care and its killing me even more i just want him back how do i make him understand that was the biggest mistake i have ever made in my life time and that i really need him…. i dont know what to do i need help

  14. me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 months, nd at the beginning i didnt even like him that much. but i realize that i really do love him after i startd dating him. he brokeup with me this morning, saying that he doesnt want a girlfriend cuz he wants to relax and doesnt have time for one, when 2 days ago he said we were never gonna breakup unless i cheated on him. he bought me a necklace for christmas nd when im not wearing it he always gets mad nd asks why im not wearing it, he bought it for me cuz he said it was the “key to his heart.” i wrote him a letter nd put the necklace in the enevelope nd was gonna put it in his mailbox. is this a good idea? i just want him back :(

  15. please. he said he still cares bout me and he said we didn’t talk as much as we did before. he goes out with another girl, and i still love him. how can i make him regret dumping me and how can i make him jealous.

  16. ericmreitz says:

    He told me he wants to get back together..and it’s taken me weeks to finally make up my mind that I want him back. Nothing really caused the break up. Should I just text him and tell him to meet me and tell him I want him back? Or just text him and say I want him back? Or how should I do this?! (I’m 15 he is 17) don’t say anything about age pleAse.

  17. So the story starts with me telling my mom that my boyfriend and I have been sexually active (don’t ask why i told her because it’s a stupid reason). She totally flipped out (which is understandable) and like completely hates him now. She claims that she hates him because he “lied” to her about us having sex (idk just go along with it…) Anyways, after a long and extremely stressful/heartbreaking talk with my boyfriend, we decided to break up. It has now been about 3-4 months since we broke up and my ex is still talking to me about how i never “fought” for him. What he means by that is that he wanted me to try to get my mom to change her view of him. He wanted me to fight for our relationship. I tried but I am a complete coward when it comes to arguing with my mom. its not that im scared of her or anything, i just dont like seeing that pained expression on her face. and my ex is making it seem lik i was never in love with him and that i don’t take the relationship i had with him seriously. I seriously loved him and i still do (even though he htinks i dont anymore)…but i guess not enough to fight for him…? Idk. maybe i wasnt as in love with him as i thought..? :( This is seriously the first time ive had to deal with something like this and i am at a complete loss. I really don’t want to lose him but i also REALLY dont want to go against my mom. Every time i mention his name the whole atmosphere turns completely awkward, imagine if i tried to tell her that i want to get back together with him :0 I dont wanna be like one of those kids that goes against their parents, you know? what should i do??

  18. The Villain says:

    My boyfriend just broke up with me one week ago, ever since I have gone home for a weekend to visit him **(im out of state at college)**and have held myself in denial not wanting to accept this and have continued to act like his gf…calling. texting. pet names. and went i went to see him this past weekend of course everything was “normal”. we held hands kissed and of course had sex.

    After asking many questions on the phone tonight and his answers continually being I dont know, im confused, i dont know what i want, i dont know what to do anymore. He finally told me, what i already knew but did not want to accept…..that if i continue to act like his gf the way ive been acting, he is not going to know any different and he is not going to miss me, bc ill be right there calling and texting and being all sweet and cute. Basically for now, if i want anything to change I need to be his FRIEND. Im having a really hard time accepting this and not texting him all the time etc. we were together for a year and two months and I made him MY WHOLE WORLD, my life has revolved around him…..i know what many people would say about that but Im an 18 year old girl and thats what we do, but I dont want to have any regrets in life.

    I still am thinking/wanting to transfer to a school back home if my parents allow me to, i know that I shouldnt transfer back just because of him, but i dont like my school anyway. I just dont want to constantly think in the back of my mind…WHAT IF? what if i had transferred back? so im scared not too, and i want too.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?? I know I need to let go and leave him alone if I want him to miss me but Im afraid of him just getting over it easily… please help :(

  19. well it was say 6 months ago we broke up and i deleted him of msn and everything and i havent really seen him since
    um the other day he was over my friends house his a guy friend and he was talking to me over his msn
    and saying his sorry etc and that i should add him again
    the thing is his got a girlfriend and his had actually several after me
    and the thing is he really really liked me so it kind of surprised me when he dumped me
    anyways how could i make him jelous you know with display picture names on my personal message thing etc what coudl i do ??
    and plz don’t tell me to move on or whateva just help me with the msn thing
    and i would love to become like good friends with him too i guess.
    thanks :]
    guys answer plz and you haven’t really answerd
    i wanna know what to put in display picture me with guys in the photo or just me or me with my girls
    or my personal message thing what should i say in it

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