Tips On Getting Your Boyfriend Back – Look Sexy

Maybe you have been recently broken up with your boyfriend? Are you wondering the ways getting your boyfriend back?  Although there are various tricks to reach that goal goal, one of the most effective ones is always look good.

If you look good, this doesn’t only help you to win your boyfriend back however it allows you to feel better and more confident of yourself. Don’t you need to look good, even if you are not together?

Two Important Things to Be Aware Of

It is important that you understand how men think. This is crucial if you ever would like to get your ex back. The most vital thing to know about men is that they love women who are confident, sexy, and know what they want.

After a guy falls in love, he’ll do only about anything to make his girl happy. The key to getting your ex boyfriend back is to using these things.

Your Clothes

The clothes you are wearing is one of the important part of your attempts to get your ex back. For example, wearing that ‘special dress’ can be extremely powerful.

One excellent tactic is wearing the dress you had at your first date. This can help your ex boyfriend remember when he felt in love with you in the first place.

You don’t want to underestimate the power of happy memories. This could easily really make your ex to think, and there is a possibility that he starts considering of taking you back. This can be a remarkably powerful way to get your ex boyfriend back.

Another most vital and effective way for getting your ex boyfriend back is to wear some sexy dresses. The simplest dress to wear would be the one he bought for you!

This will definitely give him a reminder about the past and make him carefully consider you one more time. Once he’s thinking about you, perhaps that he turn into consumed by you again.



Simple, but Effective

This sounds easy, but you have to take care not to overdo it. If you act and appear desperate your strategy will never work, therefore you probably won’t get him back ever again.

Instead, send him some subtle signals that show your emotions for him. After all, you need to make him aware of that you’re still interested in him. If he takes the bait, it is just a matter of time once you get him back.

Ok, now it’s time to go to your wardrobe. In case you don’t find suitable dresses, you need to go buying. Just remember, something SEXY! But, the most important thing is you feel yourself confident and attractive, whatever you choose to wear.

These guidelines will most certainly help you with your task getting your ex boyfriend back.

Best wishes!


  1. Do gay men find it sexy when their lover is dressed in a corset and high heels? Or how about if they really pretty themselves up? I’m Swedish and my boyfriend is your typical butch, laid back Australian, we’re a bit of an odd couple, but I’m worried, because yeah he gets turned on by it, but is it because he sees a woman in me and thinks I’m easy (we’re 16 y/o virgins)? I don’t do the limp wrist or talk in a nasally high pitched voice, I just look good. So is that why? I am flamboyant, but I’m concerned that I may be used as an accessory or something.

    Also, I want some tips on oral to kind of hint for the more, you know, vigorous stuff. Should I use my teeth at some stage? I’m kinky…
    @ Aurora Ryynänen, Gay Axolotl: Ah, Finland! Jag ska lämna tillbaka stor kram med tacksamhet!
    Ah Finland! I shall return the big hug with gratitude!

  2. So my style right now is just jeans and tank tops or tshirts!
    I just had a baby 5 months ago and Im trying to get back to my regular size which is a 2 and i wear a size 5 right now. I want to have a few outfits that are a little more dressy and sexy when I go out on dates with my fiance. But a lot of the “in” styles are just not me. And i believe if your not comfortable in what your wearing then its not sexy. All my jeans are from Buckle and most my shirts are as well. I dont own a skirt or dress but I do like the look of a tight or pencil skirt with high boots and tights.
    Can anyone give me some style tips on what to try??
    Or create me a few outifts on Polyvore!

    Oh p.s. I hate skinny jeans, baggy shirts and like the “boyfriend” style
    We are not weathly so I cant spend $200 on boots, so where can I find classy high boots (black) for cheap?

  3. Clayton Cottrell says:

    Hi! I’m trying to loose a lot of weight right now for a couple of reasons. Such as: getting back into shape, keeping my kidney functions at peak performance (I had kidney failure when I was two, so they’re a little beat up), to look sexy in my swim suit for summer vacation (I like looking nice for my boyfriend =3), and to just begin a healthy lifestyle. I’m currently 167 lbs. 5 feet 3 inches tall (or short, depending how you look at it XD). A girl. Sixteen years old. My goal is to loose thirty, to thirty-five lbs in three or four months. Can anyone help me with the following questions?

    1.) What should an ideal diet consist of?
    2.) Recommended amount of exercise per day?
    3.) Should I diet on weekends?
    4.) Any tips or advice for keeping the weight off once I loose it?

    Thanks for all of your help! =D

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