How Do You Get An Ex Girlfriend Back

For anybody who is wondering to yourself how do you get an ex girlfriend back? This is a sign that you still love her. Cry if you need to but quickly, it’s time to think of ways to get your ex girlfriend back. You have to make her desire to conciliate with you, too. All of this you are able to do by implementing the methods given in this post. Very quickly, you’ll be back in each other’s arms once again.

How Do You – Stay Calm

Be relaxed most especially when you see her. Behave as if nothing at all has changed and her absence doesn’t impact you. Stay strong and emotionless even if you’re hurt not being capable to hold her ever again. Never lose your cool because this will only leave you in a dismal light. Do not forget that women hate losers exactly the same as more attracted to strong men.

How Do You Get An Ex Girlfriend Back – Act Single and Date

As you are now single, it’s time to act single. You can now go out on dates with varying ladies and do things you enjoyed doing and you have never done again as you were in a relationship. You can go out with your friends more regularly for example out-of-town journeys and bar-hops. Enjoy the splendor of singlehood and ensure your ex knows this. Once she sees you are not affected with the breakup and you look like enjoying your lifetime even more, it will hurt her self-respect and pain her witnessing that you have totally moved on. Especially if she sees you with a different woman, she’ll take actionsto get you back.

How Do You Get An Ex Girlfriend Back

How Do You Get An Ex Girlfriend Back

How Do You Get An Ex Girlfriend Back – The Power of Communication

In case your ex-girlfriend begins communicating with you provide her some time yet behave casually. Once she asks you out, say that you are busy on that day. Provide your own schedule and be sure she agrees to it. In the event that she does, and then it just means she really wishes to be with you. At the time you pick her up, do it with style. Come up with a bunch of flowers as well as let her ride within a clean and perfumed car.

Make her have dinner in a stylish restaurant. Then take time of impressing her and make her enjoy it. This will certainly make her miss you much more. However, don’t inquire her for reconciliation yet. Buy a little time up to you gauge accurately what her true emotions and intentions are. If you realize that she does want to get back with you, right here is the time to surrender and tell her your true feelings.

When you are back in each other’s arms, try to be more appreciation and patient with each other. Be more accessible and ask what you both like and dislike. As far as possible, avoid repeating the errors you first made when you broke up. Keep your relationship as in no way everybody is given a second chanceat love.


  1. hey thx for the advice but im wondering what should i do becuz my ex gf thinks i cheated on her so she broke up with me but i actually didnt!! what should I do!! :(

    • Give her some space after the break-up.The harder you try the situation become more worse and she will definetly walk away. If she says she needs some time, respect her decision. Do not call her every minute of the day.

      Don`t ever try to beg her. This is one common thing many people tries but failed to get their girl back. Even if you are actually desperate to win her back, do not turn clingy.

      You can present her all over again with flowers, chocolates and letters. But while the gifts can draw a smile, winning her back will require a more personal and sincere efforts.

      Make her feel that you are worthy of a second chance. Use the time you have spent apart since the break-up to reflect this.

      Think again your qualities that attracts her towards you. Play up your strengths. Become the man she first fell for.

      You should figure out what exactly went wrong with your relationship. Think in your head the conversations, and even fights, you had.

      After you get to know what went wrong in your relationship, call her for a meet or try to talk to her. You can even take help from your mutual friends in this to arrange a meet for both of you.

      When she does agree to a conversation, humbly apologize for your all wrong doings and take responsibility for your actions. Here comes an important step, don`t just stop at sorry, convince her all the way and make her realise that your relationship deserves a second chance.

      Do not, however, force the reconciliation. Show her how much you want to be with her. Let everything else fall back into place.Assure her that you will completely respect her decision. Remember, once again you shouldn`t force her at any cost.

      Use the above tips, decide your action plan and have guts to show her that you actually loved her very much. She will be definetly yours. Good Luck. Have faith in yourself of making everything right and back into its place.

  2. Roar me R says:

    My bf dumped me and it was harsh for no good reason at all….on CHRISTMAS. Now hes hooking up with a girl who was my friend.
    He says he is still physically attracted to me
    While we went out he said he loves how small i was (5’2, 110 lbs) because hes a football/bball player and liked to pick me up alot.
    He says he still thinks I’m hot and I think it’s perfect because now I’m 101 lbs and his other girl is pretty big.
    Honestly, I’m not trying to stop eating, I LOVE eating..I just really have had zero appetite lately and and impulse to go running. Last night when he saw me he scooped me up and tried to start kissing me (he was drunk) and said “Holy sh** I can feel your ribs. Why did I dump you!?” I pushed him away and laughed at him.

    Why am I not hungry? Now I’m seeing maybe its a good way to get back at him because he REALLY tore me apart. I loved him and was very good to him…and now I have lost 2 friends thanks to him. Is this a good way? Is 101 lbs healthy?
    I DON’T want him back…I think he deserves to want something he can’t have. I’m not trying to lose weight at all…I honestly don’t have an appetite like I used to.

  3. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    Me and my ex girlfriend have both had partners since and are now both single again and i still love her alot and really want her back. We hang out again, with a group of friends and i dont know how and when i should tell her how i feel (though i think she already suspects that i like her alot again).

    But yeh: we are just friends at the minute and dont know how she feels and how and when to aproach her about the topic?

  4. I still like my ex girlfriend a lot and i wanna get back together with her. She has a boyfriend but he doesn’t treat her well. I have a feeling she has thought about being with me again. I just dont know how to tell her how i feel.

  5. Roar me R says:

    what can i get my ex girlfriend for christmas. we have only recently split up, we have a 7 month year old daughter together. i want to get back with her but shes so down and says she doesnt no if she wants to try again. any ideas what i can get her?

  6. My girlfriend and I were dating for a month and broke up last week. She said the reason was because we got into two arguments and I am going away to college. I told her that we could work it out and she said that if I am single and she is single when I get back from school we’ll try. What should I do? What do you think she wants?

  7. I haven’t seen my ex girlfriend since January. She calls me in jun saying she missed her period 2 months ago. Is there any possibility the baby is mine?

  8. My ex-girlfriend broke up with me almost three weeks ago, and besides 2-3 texts we’ve been in no contact. At first I ignored her, but then she started smiling at me, so I did the same in return. We still haven’t spoken since the split, though. This girl really means a lot to me, and I tried really hard to be the best boyfriend for her during the 6 months we dated. Anyways, I think we’re on friendly terms now, but I’m planning on trying to get her back, should I continue making an effort to be her friend? Or should I stay in no contact and wait for her to initiate? Girls, I would really appreciate your help, as well as with general advice on how to get your ex-girlfriend back. Guys can feel free to answer too! I need advice from everyone. Thank you so much! :)

  9. rashest_hippo says:

    My boyfriend of 2 months is still paying his ex-girlfriend’s bills (she lives rent free in a house he owns, lets her use one of his cars, pays for the car insurance, and pays all her utilitity bills), even though they broke up 5 months ago. She doesn’t have a job and is on disability and has a kid in high school.

    They haven’t talked or seen each other since the break up. The child is not his But shouldn’t he stop supporting her financiall now that they’ve broken up?

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